Fertilizing Temple Balm, 2 oz.

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Intensive herbal-rich treatment balm nourishes and revitalizes edges and scalp to promote healthy hair growth.

Step 4 of the HAIRestore™ system designed to help fight hair loss and promote healthy hair growth, this nutrient-rich, lightweight gel-balm can be added to any haircare routine as a targeted spot treatment to nourish edges and other areas prone to thinning caused by braids, extensions and styling.

  • Delivers essential vitamins and nutrients to areas experiencing thinning & loss
  • Nourishes and rejuvenates edges & scalp
  • Helps create the ideal environment for hair to thrive
  • Promotes healthy growing hair and healthy scalp
  • Ideal for thinning edges associated with wearing braids
  • Ideal for relaxed or thermally-straightened hair

Key Ingredients

  • Vitamin and mineral-rich Nettle Leaf helps stimulate the scalp and promotes healthy hair
  • Rich in silica and selenium, minerals essential to strong, healthy hair, Horsetail helps stimulate and revitalize the scalp while strengthening and promoting healthy hair growth

Perfect For

Small areas of thinning.

Recommended Use

As a spot scalp treatment to enhance hair growth.

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Quality 5.0
Ease of use 5.0
Value for money 4.0
I don’t ever write reviews under products from the Internet, but I feel that it’s important that I communicate to everyone how great this product is. My doctor recommended me cortisone to reduce irritation on my skin after haircuts and it ended up causing my hairline to recede. I considered many solutions: rogaine, propecia, cortisone shots, all of the unnatural nonsense doctors typically recommend. It should be noted that I didn’t try any of these because of how unnatural they sounded. I was then recommended this and it works wonders. These pictures are 3 months apart. I rub a little bit into problem areas with rosemary and I do this twice a day. I try to massage each time. If you have alopecia, male pattern, or a situation like mine, I highly recommend this. Let go of anything else your doctor is telling you as they don’t understand hair like we do.... More
Quality 5.0
Ease of use 4.0
Value for money 5.0
This is the my first time leaving a review under a product. This is only one month of me using ORS temple balm and it it amazing! I mix it with Castor oil and I apply it twice a day everyday. CONSISTENCY IS KEY!... More