Vital Oils


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Vital Oils


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Product Description

HAIRepair Vital Oils is a non-greasy oil that revitalizes dry hair and relieves dry scalp. Formulated with a rich blend of light oils and extracts, including grape seed and sweet almond oils, it easily penetrates the hair shaft and soothes the scalp. It won’t weigh the hair down or clog pores.

Revitalizes dry hair and relieves dry scalp, non-greasy, and won’t clog pores.

How to Use

1. Use daily or as needed. 2. Part hair and apply to the scalp and damp or dry hair. 3. Massage gently into hair and scalp.


Grape seed oil: provides soothing properties. It also supports elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. Protects and provides a defense against harsh environmental factors such as hot sunlight. Promotes hair growth and imparts a rich, silky luster to hair. Sweet almond oil: acts as an soothing, softening, hydrating, nourishing, penetrating, restructuring and toning agent. In addition to its moisturizing elements, almond oil is full of vitamins and minerals.

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