Silkening Serum Thermal Protector


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Silkening Serum Thermal Protector


In stock

Product Description

This serum is enriched with Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. HAIRepair™ Silkening Serum leaves hair smooth, shiny and frizz resistant. Great for relaxed and natural hair. Adds moisture and protects the hair from extreme heat from styling tools.

How to Use

1. Pump 2-3 pumps (depends on length and thickness of hair) into palms of hand and massage. 2. Apply evenly to damp or dry hair distributing evenly. 3. Use thermal tools to style hair as usual.


Argan oil: provides antioxidants and hydration to skin and hair. Due to its high content of vitamin E, it fights against drying and aging. Coconut oil: readily absorbed into the hair due to its small molecular structure offering amazing hydration, which helps to reduce frizz and add shine.

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