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HAIRepair™ Polisher moisturizes and helps repair and protect damaged hair. Enriched with Aloe Vera and other natural oils, it is designed to bind to the cuticle to create protection from further damage. It leaves a natural Add Shine adding life to dull, dry hair. Moisturizes the hair Binds the cuticle Adds natural Add Shine to the hair Protects the hair from further damage.

How to Use

1. Apply a few drops to the palm of the hands. 2. Rub hands together. 3. Massage into dry hair and distribute evenly. 4. Style as usual.


Aloe vera: rich in allantoin, vitamin A, vitamin E and essential fatty acids that support the regeneration and balance of moisture. Aloe Vera counteracts skin irritation and protects against environmental influences. Coconut oil: readily absorbed into the hair due to its small molecular structure offering amazing hydration, which helps to reduce frizz and add Add Shine.

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