Olive Oil

New Growth NO-Lye Hair Relaxer Normal, 8.11 oz.

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Defective Product with False Advertising
Quality: 1.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 1.0
Your product literally melted my hair in less than 10-minutes. Your product claims it contains ‘no lye’ (or caustic ingredients) which is false. And my attempts to contact customer support were blatantly ignored. Dec 14: Used product; Hair (12+ inches) melted; Reached out to company; Extremely painful. Dec 15: Extremely painful. Dec 16: Urgent Care diagnosed chemical dermatitis; Referred to dermatologist: Very painful. Dec 17-date: Pain slowly abating; Dec 19: Dermatology diagnosis pending. ... More
Love this
Quality: 4.0Ease of use: 4.0Value for money: 4.0
I love this products will buy again thanks ORS... More
Fast shipping
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
Needless to say that it is very easy to mix and apply also they delivered me very fastly. T... More
Best ever buy
Quality: 4.0Ease of use: 4.0Value for money: 5.0
Yes, i give full star for the extra nourishment that ORS hair care products give to me.... More
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