Olive Oil

Nourishing Sheen Spray, 11.70 oz.

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WAS My Favorite Oil Sheen
Quality: 2.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 3.0
I've been using this oil sheen for over a decade, even back with the other company name. I am terribly disappointed in the new formula with coconut oil. Neither my hair nor my scalp like this product very much. I don't like how it smells at all, and I've been trying to get accustomed for months. Unfortunately it's time for me to find an alternative, after reading the previous formula is totally discontinued. ... More
Original Formula much better
Quality: 1.0Ease of use: 2.0Value for money: 1.0
Very bad for Black hair. Coconut oil infused has destroyed this product because black hair is already dry so the coconut oil sits on the hair and fries the strands. Not absorbing at all. They should have kept the Original Olive oil product and simply added this new product to the line. Coconut oil is primarily a product used by East Indians who have a completely different shaft... More
Very Good
Quality: 4.0Ease of use: 4.0Value for money: 4.0
I love ORS and the Olive Oil line helps retain moisture for my hair and I absolutely love it. I have been an customer since my high school days. This by far is the best moisturizer for my hair type. ... More
Love it! The spray nozzle was broken.
Quality: 4.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
The spray nozzle was broken inside of the spray top. To much of a hassle to return! I now need to use two hands just to spray this delicious coconut spray on my daughters' braids. Perfect scent, perfect shine! I love it and she LOVES it. No buildup or residue on her hair. Very easy to wash out!... More

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