Hair Mayonnaise, 16 oz.

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Amazing results - with
Quality: 3.0Ease of use: 4.0Value for money: 5.0
With four years of dying my hair black, I then decided to go blonde, which I have now achieved eventually, however my hair is VERY damaged and broken. I ended up having to cut off about 3 inches to get rid of all the split ends. With my hair needing some much needed nourishment and strength, I decided to buy ORS Hair Mayonnaise... and what a result! I applied it all over my hair, popped on a shower cap and slept in it. The smell is slightly odd to start with, quite peppery/spicy kind of! but it's not a bad smell and after a while becomes quite pleasant. I then rinsed it off in the morning and did my usual shampoo and conditioner routine. Once my hair was dry it felt amazing! It was smooth, sleek, shiny, less visible split ends/breakage and just overall my hair looked 100% better and felt stronger. However, the downside is it does leave a film of greasiness/residue on the surface of my hair, even though I spent 5/10 mins rinsing the product out. However, I think when I next wash it, this will disappear. Overall, the product is fabulous and my hair is definitely on the road to recovery...... More
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
Seriously! I have very thick over bleached hair and this has SAVED my strands! I didn't have any issues with oilyness and I shampooed it afterwards and didn't apply it to my roots. Amazing product! Highly recommend it!!! ... More
Left my hair feeling strong.
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
For the past year my hair has been tangling and shedding like crazy. I decided to give this a try and left it in overnight. While washing it out I barely had any shedding and no tangling at all. I was shocked. When I sectioned my hair into smaller parts I didn’t experience any tangling. ... More
Great Product
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
To be fair, I've only used it once. I'm using it as a strengthening treatment and can't wait to use it again next month. After one application my hair felt so soft and was so moisturized I definitely wanted to use it again the next week. Smells good, feels good, and rinses out without too much hassle.... More
Love it!
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
My favorite. The only deep conditioner that makes my hair feel soft, no matter how long I leave it on my hair.... More

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