Fertilizing Temple Balm


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Fertilizing Temple Balm


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Product Description

Fertilizing Temple Balm is a lightweight gel formula rich in hair nutrients and free of petroleum that is a deal for customers with pressed or relaxed hair. A feather light gel based balm rich in over 14 herbal extracts. It contains the same properties as the Fertilizing Serum, with a different viscosity (thickness). This product is gel based. An intensive fertilizing serum, rich in over 14 herbal extracts, this daily-use fertilizing treatment stimulates circulation and imparts herbal nutrients to the scalp to help restore thinning hair. Fertilizing Serum is a liquid version of our Temple Balm and can be used on customers with natural hair, braids, weaves, or curly perms.

How to Use

Serum: 1. After shampooing and conditioning – Towel dry hair and scalp. 2. Shake product well before use. 3. Apply 2-3 drops (do not saturate) to affected area(s) only. 4. Proceed with styling technique. 5. Massage lightly into scalp. 6. Daily Maintenance – Application is twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. 7. Wash hands after each use. Balm: After shampooing and conditioning and styling* – 1. Apply a small amount (dime size) to affected area(s) only. Massage lightly into scalp with fingertips (cushions of the fingers) for full penetration and proceed with choice of finishing styling techniques. *Always apply to dry scalp. Daily Maintenance – 1. Application is twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.


Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum): A red pepper used as an herbal stimulant that improves circulation and oxygen levels on the scalp. Horsetail: An herbal source of Sulfur, Silica and Cystine. Assists in the regulation of oil production. Promotes healing and calcium absorption.

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