Curls Unleashed

Curls Unleashed Coconut and Avocado Does It All Smoothie Styler 16 Ounce

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Better than expected
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
It's really nice for transitioning hair... I started off using their conditioner and moisturizer, and then worked up to the entire line! It does all that it claims to do. And, it pairs well with the ogx biotin and conditioner. I hope this company continues to make this!!!... More
Awesome for a One Product Wash N GO
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
I absolutely LOVE this product for my hair. I love it for doing one product wash n gos, it's the perfect styler. I find it to be very moisturizing for my curls. I had to review it on my channel because it is just THAT good. It gives me the perfect mix between a creme and gel, it leaves my hair moisturized for up to 5 days with no residue. I definitely recommend it ... More
BEST One product Wash 'N Go EVER
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
I absolutely LOVE this product. I've been using it non stop for about two months now. I love it for a one product wash 'n go on my hair. It's extremely moisturizing and my curls last so long with it, even with humidity. A little goes a long way with this product and I'm never left with residue on my hair. The consistency is perfect if you have dense hair. It's a must buy!!... More
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
Literally the best hair product I have ever purchased!! resulted in my hair feeling ridiculously soft even when it not on my hair, my curls are popping 24/7 and it smells like heaven. had non stop compliments since i started using this. would 100% recommend. Absolutely obsessed but gutted as i cant find it in England :( (bought in america). Need a lifetime supply of this stuff tbh!!!... More
Ultra Definition
Quality: 4.0
Out of all the tons of products I’ve tried, nothing has made my hair this defined. I applied in the shower and it pre clumped my curls. What?? never experienced that before. I gave it 4 stars because it actually works a little too well. Even after 3 days hair was still super defined but with no volume. I like my hair a little bigger and fluffier. Great product though. It really works. I’m 4b for reference ... More

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