Curls Unleashed

Sage and Kiwi Intense Hair Conditioner, 12 fl.oz.

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Hasn't arrived yet, but I've used it before.
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 4.0
This is a sticky, wet product so use sparingly. I use it on my wet hair (shoulder length, wavy). I coat index finger and the 'tall man', then finger spin my damp hair, about 1/4-1/2" 'locks' at a time, into banana curls after the shower. They dry that way. Then I use a 4" hair pick, head upside down, from scalp to ends. Fabulous product! Smells great. I hope once this delivery arrives I discover what I hope I ordered correctly.... More
Soft curls
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
I purchased this a while back from Walmart and forgot about it. I was looking for a conditioner so I used. OMG! The slippage was amazing, my hair was super soft and the curl definition was so pretty. When I used it up, I went back to Walmart to get more but they didn’t have it. I went to 4 Walmarts, 2 Sally’s, and 5 beauty supply stores. Nobody had it! I went online and ordered 2 jars.... More
Horrible product
Quality: 1.0Ease of use: 3.0Value for money: 1.0
I use to use the no restrictions moisturizing conditioner which was amazing and made detangling so easy and I saw less breakage with my hair. Now they have this new product that does absolutely nothing for my hair causes more breakage. It's literally no different than your average cheap store bought conditioner. I wish companies who have a great would stop changing them when the first formula was fine. If it ain't broke done fix it! So anyways this new one is definitely not worth the money. Now I'm in search of new hair care line. It was fun while it lasted. ... More
Fast Result
Quality: 5.0Ease of use: 5.0Value for money: 5.0
So I literally just put this product on five minutes ago and my hair feels amazing. The second I put this on my hair melted like butter. I have the type of curly hair you untangle and then when you come back to it, it's a tangled mess already but I am literally still finger combing my hair and nothing is getting tangled. SO freakin' hydrated!!!!... More

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