Anti-Breakage Conditioning Crème


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Anti-Breakage Conditioning Crème


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Product Description

HAIRepair™ Anti-Breakage Crème helps moisturize and condition weak and damaged hair. Formulated with a blend of bamboo extract, shea butter and other essential ingredients that have been known to help reduce breakage and dryness in natural and relaxed hair. With continued use, hair will appear stronger with a beautiful healthy-looking shine.

How to Use

1. Use daily or as needed. 2. Apply a small amount to the scalp and massage. 3. Comb through for even distribution from root to end. 4. May also be applied directly to ends for added protection. * May also be applied at night prior to wrapping hair for an overnight treatment.


Bamboo extract: offers hair health, strengthening, cooling, moisturizing and volumizing benefits. Shea butter: protects the skin against weather, sun, and superficial irritations. Shea Butter is well known to assist cutaneous dryness and promote skin and scalp health.

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