A Guide To Winter-izng Your Hair + Product Picks

The Winter season is here and if you are experiencing super dry curls, do not be alarmed, we all are! Most of us have already started to formulate in our heads some changes to our regimens that will help our hair survive the cold and if you happen to be at a loss, you are not alone we are here to help.

We have found that it is very helpful to have some sort of guide or game plan as seasons change because as you know, our environment has huge impact on how our hair behaves daily.

The Winter season is particularly harsh because the air is dry and our strands get very thirsty and in need of extra attention. With that said since we all use the curl typing chart as a guide for our curls, it can be a great place to start when developing a regimen.

In this post we have some simple tips you can use to Winter-ize your hair separated by curl category and along with that list we have also provided a product guide as well. Please note, that you can use a combination of the below if your hair has a mix of curl textures, what is most important is the plan and sticking with it.

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Just one step up from a deep wave, 3a curls are big and loose, and tend to be perfectly shiny and full of body all on their own. In the winter, however, the cool weather tends to leave 3a curls dull and lifeless by creating excessive frizz and dryness. To revive and rejuvenate this hair type, you will need to nourish and moisturize your hair daily and use anti-frizz and tangle methods like the satin pillow or “pineapple” ponytail to limit any frizz created at bedtime.

You should try: ORS Curls Unleashed Shine and Define Mousse. This lightweight mousse is formulated to define, and hold curls all day! It's fast drying, free of alcohol, and lightly moisturizes your hair without weighing it down.

The beauty of 3b curls is that they are incredibly defined springy ringlets of hair that require little to no manipulation outside of simple everyday care! The downside is that because the texture is a little coarser than 3a hair, it's a lot more vulnerable to dryness and frizz--especially in colder months. To combat this, the key is to moisturize your hair intensively without weighing it down.

You should try: ORS Curls Unleashed Coconut and Avocado Curl Smoothie is a curly girl's dream! This nourishing cream is packed with avocado and coconut, both of which are moisturizing, and promote hair strength and growth.

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3c is the coarsest and curliest hair type of the bunch and has all of the benefits and drawbacks of 3a and 3b hair types. It's naturally voluminous and defined, but also tangles and dries a whole lot easier! Cold and dry environments are especially rough on 3c hair because if your hair dries out, it could quickly become brittle and cause breakage later down the line. Regularly moisturizing and hydrating your curls is important but refreshing them when needed is how you ensure all-day protection!

You should try: ORS Curls Unleashed Green Tea and Cucumber Curl Refresher gives your curls a second chance to be shiny, bouncy, and defined! It's free of harmful chemicals and includes deeply hydrating and moisturizing ingredients like honey and aloe vera.

When it comes to Type 4 hair, 4a has the most defined curl pattern and retains moisture the best. It is, however, incredibly dense and prone to dryness and damage, so it is definitely one of the hair types that benefits from protective styling the most! Low manipulation styles like twists and buns are ideal for 4a hair because they help protect the ends of your hair while contributing to length and moisture retention.

You Should Try: ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Amplifying Gel Souffle. This fortifying gel blend defines curls and fights frizz, all while offering a light hold--making it a great go-to product for low manipulation and protective styling!

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Think of 4b hair as the perfect mix of 4a and 4c: Defined coils, undefined and fluffy when stretched, coarse, dense, thirsty at the roots, typically fine, and prone to dryness and shrinkage. Whew! That sounds like a high maintenance head of hair right? Well, not exactly. All you really need is to moisturize, hydrate, and then style your hair in a way that allows curl definition (Think: twist outs, braid outs, finger coils, flexi rod sets)!

You should try: ORS Shea Butter and Honey Curl Defining Creme brings out curls and limits frizz at the roots of your hair where it can be super hard to define, sometimes! The Shea Butter softens and moisturizes your hair and they honey, a natural humectant, helps to lock it in!

‘Shrinkage and dryness’ is the name of the game when it comes to 4c hair. It's technically tightly coiled--but in its natural, state there isn't a defined curl pattern, which contributes to major shrinkage and fragility! The solution is simple: seal in moisture and stretch. Deeply moisturizing and hydrating keeps it soft and healthy, while stretching it without heat makes it a lot more manageable and easier to style. This especially true when caring for 4c hair in the winter because long term protective styles is what will keep your hair healthy and the key is in properly caring for your hair before anything else. It's vital to moisturize and strengthen during every part of your hair regimen (washing, included!) and not just when styling

You should try: ORS Curls Unleashed Acai Berry and Banana Rinse Out Conditioner immediately rejuvenates and moisturizes dry and brittle hair! It's sulfate and paraben-free, making it a nourishing and healthy wash day companion.

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If you are looking for best practices overall regardless of your hair type we have to say that hands down during the Winter you should always deep condition either weekly or bi-weekly.

Deep conditioning will help your hair to retain moisture longer and it will be fortified from the inside out.

You should Try: ORS Curls Unleashed Sage and Kiwi Intense Hair Conditioner. It contains safflower oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter to help deliver the moisture that your curls will need this Winter season.

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